Including Branson MO, Forsyth and other local towns.

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A forecast: I would predict that in the event of a release of radiation, for whatever reason, that this site would become very popular overnight!

Below is a map that was released by the Defense Department were we to find ourselves in a hypothetical nuclear war with some other foreign power that had a large stockpile of weapons. As you can plainly see, much of the US would be affected. Other, more realistic events would include nuclear power plant mishaps and the so-called dirty bombs of terrorists. These would be much more local in overall effect, although it would be prudent to monitor radiation levels for some time to come...

In the event of a major war, especially one that involved nuclear strikes, I wouldn’t count very much on the government helping out. [They have a hard enough time functioning in ‘normal’ times.] Nor will state governments be of very much use. No, it will be local services that you can count on the best, as we quickly transition from a technological and highly complex society to one more reminiscent of the Dark Ages, where life will become basically very brutal and short! While stockpile of foods, water and medicines will work for a time, the infrastructure of America will be shattered to such and extent that it will most likely never recover. Currently, the Doomsday Clock stands at just 5 minutes to Midnight. The likelihood of Nuclear War has never been closer than it is today!

Warning: The US government is currently engaged in the gutting of our military readiness to low levels never before seen. Obama’s singular antipathy towards our Defense Department is setting a new stage for America as both China and Russia are building up their forces exponentially. Historically, such scenarios have never turned out well for the weaker nation. This is not conjecture on my part. It is a sad fact that may be realized by the citizens only after the first bombs explode on American soil.

“At some point America will be forced to use bluster as it will be apparent to our enemies that we no longer carry a very big stick!”

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