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Just in case you need to contact one of the Board members to ask a question or in case of an emergency? Below is a list of members you can reach!

Remember that their time is just as precious as yours, so make sure  to be concise and to the point when calling them....

New dock construction!

Fire pit improvements!

The Gully Project!

Insurance rates to rise!

June off to a pretty cool start!

Rock on!

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Any time you have a group of unrelated people living in a large building, such as what is found at Taneycomo Terrace in Forsyth MO, you will have people in conflict. Arguments over excessive noise, bad smells and pets can quickly cause one or more owners to be at each other’s throats… socially and figuratively. Key to successful cohabitation is not too dissimilar to what happening between a husband and wife. It’s all about establishing good lines of communication, talking out problems and making allowances and concessions in order that no one ends up killing someone else. In other words, we must be the diametric opposite of what goes on in Washington D.C.  

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