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Above - Newly replaced roofs severely damaged yet again by hail. The third such event in the last three years!

Hail pounds new roof tiles!

It seems out new roofs that were less 60 days new will have to be replaced due to recent hail damage. This according to the people who installed the last roof. Really? I wonder if I could sell the HOA Board a bridge or two. Was there any mention of a metal roof. No. Not that I know of. So the question arises as to how long the complex will survive when it’s going to replace the roofs on ten buildings every year?

The old hag and her fag!

Somewhere in Forsyth Missouri sits an old hag, hunkered down on her

tiny front porch in a condo complex whose days of glory were fading in the past. She puts another fag in her mouth and lights up with a shakey hand. (Perhaps the tenth one of the day, yet the day was still young). She in hails the acrid smoke into now blacken lungs, as her fingers support the stains of a habit going back decades. Long past caring about her looks (and her smell), she takes care not to soil the confines of her one bedroom adobe, preferring instead to pollute the air of her neighbors. When asked about that, she was heard to say 'oh well'. A tribute to other old hags everywhere as people who have little, to no respect, for their own bodies rarely give a rats ass about others... Meanwhile the seeds of cancer, which have been incubating for years, begins to spread.... I stifle a grin as I watch that grim process unfold...