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Just in case you need to contact one of the Board members to ask a question or in case of an emergency? Below is a list of members you can reach!

Remember that their time is just as precious as yours, so make sure  to be concise and to the point when calling them....

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There will be an open meeting in the activity room, building 3-130 at 10:00 am Wednesday June 21 when the insurance agent for the complex will be discussing upcoming changes to bulding coverages that will take effect in July. Attendees will have a chance to ask questions!

Evidently the first gathering of people responsible for hleping to erect the fire pit, down by the docks, occured recently. I understand that the ‘fire’ was really beautiful even it it was also a bit hot at the time.

 First Annual Bldg III Fish Fry!

1st Cherry tomatoes of the season!

Watch out for high bills!

June off to a pretty normal start!

Late HOA fee increase!

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