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Just in case you need to contact one of the Board members to ask a question or in case of an emergency? Below is a list of members you can reach!

Remember that their time is just as precious as yours, so make sure  to be concise and to the point when calling them....

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According to at least one resident, the Board of Managers and it’s HOA fee structure was ‘out of control’. This the likely result of an across the board increase of 10% beginning in April!  Note that the estimate had yet to be confirmed and so the table at right could well be wrong!

As to those who would complain, please consider running for the Board where you might have a chance to rescind or otherwise change things.

My personal take on the fee structure is twofold; 1) we pay through the nose for insurance and 2) the buildings are getting pretty old and thus require more money to keep them in shape. Neither of which are the fault of the Board - a group of volunteer individuals who bravely commit many hours to the betterment of the complex even as others who contribute little continue to snipe at it.

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