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Remember to make sure and submit a work order in order to document any requests for repairs, problems complaints or suggestion you might have. These document insure that your concerns will be documented and handled in a prompt manner!

For anyone who has ever lived in a multi-dwelling apartment of condo type structure, you already know that there are laws that can protect you from some forms of sensory assault! A neighbor who decides that taking up the drums as a late night practice will hear it from his or her neighbors in short order. And, should that person persist, they will often finds themselves tossed out onto the street! Excessive sound, of any form, that assails the ears of a neighbor will be curtailed by management and that makes a lot of sense. Likewise, individuals living in so-call beehive buildings are not permitted to make or produce offensive odors that might be carried on the breeze into another person’s domicile. If you doubt that, just take

One of the nice things about managing a bunch of balcony veggies in pots is that there just ain’t too much work to do, but the rewards are really nice. These cherry tomatoes were from a plant I over wintered from the year before. They produce just enough so that I can add a cherry tomato or two to my salads!

a frying pan, add two frankfurters and turn up the heat to high. In about ten minutes, your place will be filled with a white smoke that smells reminiscent of a crematorium gone awry. I had that happen to me, as a young man, when I put two dogs into pot of boiling water and then went into my bedroom and fell asleep! When I awoke, I thought for a second that I had gone blind! Everything was totally white. Needless to say, the smell was

terrible and it took weeks to get my place back to smelling ‘normal’. A great lesson learned and one I haven't again repeated…

But, where things get more sticky is the case of having neighbors that like to smoke. Most states do not have laws, in place, to prevent people from smoking in their own residence and I support that. The problems begin, however, when the same people go out in front to smoke and said smoke and the associated odors waif over to a neighbors window where fairly quickly their place also smells like an ashtray. (A bad situation made worse as there is now emerging evidence that second hand smoke can be just as deadly if inhaled into otherwise virgin lungs)!As more and more people quit, every day, this problem will eventually become much less severe.