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First Annual Fish Fry!

Saturday, June the 17th saw the first annual Fish Fry for the residents of Building III! After what had begun as an overcast day with thunder and rain, turned into a bright and sunny event that allowed the residents a chance to get together for a good old fashioned fish fry and pot luck dinner. I felt that the event, which was largely the work of Carol L. and Phillis H., was a huge success as the all the food was tasty and I felt that everyone who attended had themselves a lot of fun. The fish, by the way, were cooked to perfection by Carol! A big thank you goes out to these two wonderful women!

One of the nice things about managing a bunch of balcony veggies in pots is that there just ain’t too much work to do, but the rewards are really nice. These cherry tomatoes were from a plant I over wintered from the year before. They produce just enough so that I can add a cherry tomato or two to my salads!