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Watch Out!

As we’ve just passed the midpoint of the month of June, our ‘nice’ weather had begun to warm up just a bit! Thankfully, a modest cool down was due to arrive on Sunday, June 18.

The daily temperature chart, shown below, show that we are pretty much on track as the normal high of 84F and low of 61F is pretty much what we’ve been seeing early on. But hold on to your hat, because as we get towards the end of the month 90 degree days become more and more common.

Drinking lots of fluids, using protection from the sun and staying indoors with the AC on during the mid day hours are some of the best ways to avoid having problems…

A motion was made and then passed to raise the late fee penalty from $10 to $25. The new ruling will become effective July 1, 2017.

As we head into the summer months, the temperatures outdoors typically begin to hit 90 plus degrees. And that’s when our bills can increase for poser use!

The big three power users for most condos are; the Central AC, the water heater and the fridge. Of these the biggest summer time consumer is the AC, by far!

I've found that by keeping the blinds closed, during the heat of the day, and by setting the thermostat up to 81 degrees can make a big difference.

The water heater situation can be helped by taking shorter showers and by using cold water when doing the laundry. The refrigerator situation is helped if you plan your meals in such a way as to minimize the times you have to open or close the door!