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Wow! We’re not even into the meat of the flu season and already some interesting topics have bubbled up.

One disturbing story relates to a young Australian girl who succumbed to the flu amid concerns that the current batch of vaccines may not be as effective as had been thought!

Another story concerned the early season deaths that has occurred in North Carolina along with early outbreaks in Washington and Colorado happening in October!

Experts are still advising everyone to get their shot, but also to take precautions as this may be a bad flu year!

The month of November is mostdefinitely a month of change.. The question becomes just what kind of changes. Some Novembers, such as last year, can be on the mild side while others can change  rather rapidly. I did note in a study of the last five years, that things generally start to go south on or about the 13th of the month. It’ll be interesting to see if that holds for 2017! Update: Nothing happened...

You’re walking along and spy a nail that’s sticking out of a railing. What should you do? 1) Ignore it and keep on walking, 2) complain to others about it, 3) write up a work order so someone else can fix it or 4) grab a hammer and whack it back into place.

Option 1 and 2 get absolutely nothing accomplished. Option 3 gets it fixed at the cost of someone’s labor. Only option 4 actually fixes the problem with limited effort on anyone’s part. Moral: Get involved with fixing stuff.

Which one  are you? Flu season! IT’S FLU SEASON!