Including Branson MO, Forsyth and other local towns.

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December is a month where we generally see an up tick in the number of reported flu cases nationwide! This year has proved no exception as the Map for Missouri for week 52 shows!


As of mid Jan, the incidents of flu were widespread in Taney County! The entire country was really getting clobbered!

About 3000 customers of Empire Electric had to sit in the cold for a number of hours due to equipment failure (my opinion). The outage then resulted in a disruption of Mediacom service for much of the rest of the day. Perhaps, it past time for a house cleaning at Empire....

You’re walking along and spy a nail that’s sticking out of a railing. What should you do? 1) Ignore it and keep on walking, 2) complain to others about it, 3) write up a work order so someone else can fix it or 4) grab a hammer and whack it back into place.

Option 1 and 2 get absolutely nothing accomplished. Option 3 gets it fixed at the cost of someone’s labor. Only option 4 actually fixes the problem with limited effort on anyone’s part. Moral: Get involved with fixing stuff.

Which one  are you? Flu season! IT’S FLU SEASON!