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Equifax hacked!

This was the first summer where I never managed to make it down to enjoy one of the three wonderful swimming pools that adorn Taneycomo Terrace. Sadly, as of September the 15th, they had all been drained and covered over in preparation of the winter to come. So, it will be quite a few months until the spring of 2018 sees them open again!

This notice is hot off the net stream! Media sources have announced that about half the people in the US have had personal information compromised by hackers. All of the top execuatives have resigned from Equifax this day, one of three top credit reporting agencies. It would behove everyone to to Equifax’s at this site! to see if you are affected! Equifax will help protect your information if you fill out their free security application. Failure to do so could impact you financially....

Fall starts on September the 22nd! So, it’s time to start thinking about all things Halloween!


You’re walking along and spy a nail that’s sticking out of a railing. What should you do? 1) Ignore it and keep on walking, 2) complain to others about it, 3) write up a work order so someone else can fix it or 4) grab a hammer and whack it back into place.

Option 1 and 2 get absolutely nothing accomplished. Option 3 gets it fixed at the cost of someone’s labor. Only option 4 actually fixes the problem with limited effort on anyone’s part. Moral: Get involved with fixing stuff.

Which one  are you?

Half way through the month and what a pleasurable period of time its been. Note that in the graph below that we’d been hovering close to the averages for both the highs and the lows! On a more somber note, it had been close to 25 days since the last good rainfall. Saturday, Sept 16, will be our best shot at seeing any precipitation…

Pools to close!